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Do you wake up on a Monday and think,

"YES!!! Five days of work!!!"

It's so easy to think about work as a CHORE, something we
need to get through and make it to the weekend.

The morning alarm goes off for work and we think,

"I have to get up because I have to go to work"

When we start a new job our skill set is often low and mindset is often high.

The relationship between skill-set and mindset is fascinating.

As our skill-set rises and we're better able to do our jobs
 but other factors can get in the way of us enjoying our working life.

Enjoyment at work is not just about having the right skills,
we MUST have the right Mindset as well.

In fact, whilst having the right Skills is vital for success,
the difference that makes the difference is our own mindset.

The MindWorks Coaching Programme shows how to have a 

WORLD CLASS MINDSET to perform under pressure and Eliminate Stress.

How do you feel when your alarm clock
sounds in the morning and you think,

"I've GOT to go to work now."

What would be different if you were able to wake up and think,

"I WANT to go to work."

That doesn't mean you would rather be at work than on holiday,
but on any day that you are working,
would it be possible to choose
which version of you turns up for work?

I think most people would want to wake up for work
and really enjoy their working week.  
There are, however, challenges
that we need to overcome.

Examples include:

Morning commute
Family and personal challenges
Customer complaints
Bosses demands

Sometimes when these pressures build up they can
turn to into stress. We end up feeling sick, anxious or worried,
or any other negative emotion, which are normal but not always helpful.

It's often referred to as that Sunday evening feeling,
when we know that the weekend is ending
and now we have to go back to work. 

Watch Darren explain more about the programme and 
how it can add amazing results to your working life.

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 The problem is, if we're not enjoying WORK

it's possible that we're not enjoying LIFE

We spend so much of our life at work, if our goal is only to
get to the weekend or get to the next holiday
or get to the next big event,
this has a real impact on the quality of our life.

 What if we could really enjoy the working week?
 What if we could come in and be world class at work?
 What would be the impact to you?
 What would be the impact on your customers?
 What would be the impact on the people around you? 
What would be the impact when you come home from work?

 Far too many people are feeling stressed at work today
and it leads to complaining about things we have no control over. 

It's really easy to find a way to enjoy your job
but it's just easier not to, 
which is why so many people spend so long 
wishing for the weekend or wishing for the next holiday.

  What if there was a way to be even better at your job
not just on a Friday afternoon
but during the whole working week?

What if you were able to wake up and want to go to work,
deliver a world-class performance
to get world-class results?

Imagine at the end of the week, leaving work
looking forward to the weekend 
NOT dreading going back to work.


THE SOLUTION is not always from our work environment,
we have to take ownership and responsibility for ourselves.

Learning techniques that make you mentally strong and 
capable of handling challenges in a more productive and
useful way will have such a positive impact on your life.

Being Mentally Strong & Resilient!

No One can MAKE you feel stressed, unhappy or frustrated.

We live all of our lives inside our own head.  

We experience the outside world through our five senses. 

 Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste & Smell. 

As we experience the outside world
we have a thought about what that means
and we use words to describe it. 

 The words we use to describe what's happening 
isn't what is actually happening, 
it's just our version of it.  

When we use different words to describe situations,
it helps us deal with things in a different way. 

 The MindWork coaching programme
is structured to help you.
It does not change the outside world. 
 It shows YOU how to
change the way you process thoughts
about the outside world.

These thoughts lead to Feelings;
Feelings lead to Behaviour;
Behaviour leads to Results.

In other words, if you want DIFFERENT results in your life, 

it ALL starts with how you think.

If you want something different,
you have to DO something different.

Imagine coming home and feeling energised and with 
no stressful thinking, even after the 'day from hell'


The programme is designed to be taken over a 3 week period.  

All of the videos are under 40 mins in time which enables the
programme to be completed without taking
massive amounts of your personal or professional time.

There are a total of 17 chapters to plus an action planning final section SPLIT over 3 weeks.

We recommend watching 6 videos a week and then answering the questions.

All the chapters are designed to help you understand how
 your Mindworks so you can wake up and deliver
a world class performance and enjoy going to work. 

 This doesn't just have an impact on you
it also has a direct impact on the people around you. 

As you start to think differently about these external challenges
you start to feel different.
As you feel different you will start to behave differently.

Change of behaviour always starts with a change of thinking.

 Nobody can make you happy 

Nobody can make you unhappy

Nobody and nothing has the power to make you stressed. 

The MindWorks Coaching Programme is designed to
show you how to eliminate stressful thinking

Not by changing the outside world but by
changing the way you think about the outside world. 

 Remember there are no

stressful situations 

 there are only

stressful thoughts

about situations.

As we change the way we think,
we don't change the outside world
we change our ability to deal with
the outside world in a more useful way. 

This doesn't mean that when you get
bad news you should be happy.  

This is not about being happy,
this is about having a mental toughness to be
able to deal with things when things
happen that we don't like. 

26 letters, 1 million words...

 What's really interesting is how we describe things we don't like.

 We often use words like, "it's gone wrong" or "it's bad." 

Nothing really ever goes wrong because that depends
on the context and the position with which you look at it.  

If it goes wrong for one person it's likely to have gone right for somebody else. 

What really matters is how we deal with what's happened and how we view it. 

 What words are we using to describe the outside world?
What words can be more powerful, empowering and more useful to help us deal with all of life's challenges? 

Not just at work but also at home. 

Many people, who have attended any of my classroom sessions, 
have given feedback about how
this programme doesn't just impact them at work, 
it also impacts them at home, in such a positive way. 

People Lying to me 

On a recent classroom training programme
I remember one person coming back and telling me, 

"Darren this whole training course has changed my life." 

Of course that was a lie because the training course
didn't change their life.
It was what they did with the training course.

In other words, they listened to the programme content,
and they decided to go and take
 the action they wanted.
This then changed their life.

You are always 

one decision

from changing your whole life.

What decisions are YOU going to make today?

What decisions are you making every day when you come to work?

We invite you to take a look at how this online coaching programme
can make a real difference to you at work and at home.

All this for only 


Programme Details

Week One

Video 1: Leadership MASKS - Performance Under Pressure

We explore the relationships between Mindset and Skillset at work. 

Which is more important?

Which has more impact?

What habits have you formed at work that may no longer be useful?

Video 2: Three Choices when work isn't enjoyable - Which one are you choosing?

When work becomes a chore we all have 3 choices we can make.

Which one will you choose?

Choice 1 is the most popular, but the least effective

Video 3: Attributes of an Exceptional Leader

Being successful at work means we need to have Skills and Mindset

What is more important?

What are you spending your time building? Skills or Mindset?

Video 4: 50% - 40% - 10% - Lessons from Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology studies show how powerful your thoughts can be.

Genetics, Environment and Choices all play a part in how happy we are in any moment

How is your environment impacting you today?

Video 5: Best Version of YOU

What choices are you making when under pressure?

How to be the BEST version of yourself

Being resilient under pressure is vital for enjoyment at work

Video 6: Choice Thieves

No one wakes up and decides, 'today I am going to be unhappy"

But things happen that can steal away our happiness

We explore what they are and how to deal with these situations differently

Week 2

Video 1: The Y Factor

Language has a massive impact on how we view situations

One three letter word is very powerful making us feel bad 

What would be a more useful word to use?

Video 2: Once Upon a Time

We often view challenging situations in a negative way

What is a better way of dealing with them?

How to stay resilient under pressure

Video 3: Respond or React

Fight, Flight or Freeze

Do you respond or react when under pressure?

Why reacting could be damaging your personal brand,
and how to respond more effectively

Video 4: Pressure Pipe

Why Pressure is good

Why Stress is bad

How to handle more pressure and eliminate stress

Video 5:  Nothing has meaning until YOU give it meaning

Situations remain neutral until you have a thought about them

How can you view negative situations in a more useful way

How to start noticing your thoughts and how they impact your behaviour

Video 6: Behave Yourself

Behaviour comes from beliefs 

Have you got the right beliefs about yourself, about others and about work?

How do you KNOW, that what you KNOW, is true?

Week 3

Video 1: Use the Snooze? How you NEVER have to do anything ever again

World class performance comes from WANTING to do a task

Why you NEVER HAVE TO do anything ever again

What are the consequences of taking (or not taking) action?

Video 2: Mind Your Body

Your Body language reveals a lot about your state of mind

Can your body language change how you feel

Use your body language consciously and one small trick to reduce the impact of stress

Video 3: IV Drip

60,000 thoughts a day have an impact on your mindset

How to use your mind to challenge negative situations

What words would be more useful to CONSCIOUSLY chose when under pressure

Video 4: It's only words

How your words impact your performance

What identity do you have at work? (World Class performer or something else?)

Words we need to stop using when we think about ourselves

Video 5: Being Flexible is KEY

Why do YOU need to change?

Why can't other people change towards me?

The person with the most flexible behaviour is better able to remain in control of situations

Video 6: Big Decisions - Small Steps 

What will you now start doing that will add value to your working life?

What will you stop doing?

What are your work based goals now?

You get all this for only