EU Referendum for UK. In or Out?

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What to Vote? In or Out

If we come out we will get our country back. We will make our own choices. Sure, like any divorce it's likely we won't have good relations with our ex for while, but we can stand on our own two feet at last and stop being bullied by Brussels.

If we stay in so many faceless unelected people will make decision about my future and we will be overrun by immigrants. (Or Expats if they have white skin). But we will also be part of something. We will continue to have good relationships that can be even better when worked on from within the EU

So many reasons to leave and to stay.

But what about you and me? How will this choice really impact you and me.

If we vote LEAVE?

We will still be run by people we don't like or respect. (British culture really doesn't hold politics in high regard). Decisions will still be made that not everyone will like. Even those who voted LEAVE will eventually start to dislike the choices made by those in power.

Who will be leading this power btw? Will it be someone you trust?

If we vote STAY?

We will be able to build relationships from within the EU and life will most likely carry on as it has been. BUT the feelings about EU won't have gone away. They'll remain and the country will continue to be divided long after the vote has happened.

So what does this mean for YOU and ME?

Ultimately. Some people will feel like they've WON and some will fell LOSS. Regardless of the vote.

Make no mistake though, no matter what the choice, stay or leave. The ONLY person who is going to make your life better is YOU.

Whether we stay or leave the only person who can improve your life is YOU

Whether it rain or shines your happiness and success is determined not by what happens. But by what YOU do about.

I am worried after the vote that many people will BLAME the decision to leave or stay on their personal success or happiness.

No one who governs is going to make decisions that make EVERYONE happy. Whether it's Europe or London (sorry Scottish, Welsh and NI friends) the decisions will continue to be made that YOU won't like.

So yes, it's important to vote this week. Vote wisely. Follow your head or your heart and vote with pride.

After that get back to work.

Notice that bad things will continue to happen to you whether your choice won or lost.

Notice that life will continue be a series of challenges, big and small. No 1 rule: life is NOT fair.

Notice that whilst it's easy to moan and complain about things the only things that matter is taking positive action in what YOU can control

You'll still have an economy that goes up and down

Still have bad weather and sunshine on the wrong days

Still have a new neighbour who moves in next door with wrong behaviour, wrong taste of music or wrong colour skin / religion / sexual preference.

No matter what we chose. You only thing that matters is what YOU do about it.

Vote. Accept the decision and move on.

If you lose, don't get stuck arguing with the choice. 
If you win, don't think for one minute that like a magic wand life will suddenly get better. It won't.

As for me? What am I voting? I'm voting for what I believe is right and I will keep that choice to myself. Out an X in the box and then get on with my life.

Vote, accept. And move on.

Enjoy work, love life.

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